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Virtual Computing Infrastructure

Starting from Fall 2010, the School of Computing and Mathematics maintains its own computing environment. This environment allows students and faculty members to have a convenient, reliable, and secured playground where they can work on various teaching/studying related projects, store files, run experiments, and do many other types of activities.

The infrastructure has a dedicated network connectivity (hand-off) to the USG PeachNET which makes it independent from the main campus network. Such independence brings freedom for users and network safety for the rest of the GSW commuinity.

Virtualization technology engaged with powerful hardware allows creation of various types of virtual machines, including but not limited to

  • Personal workstations for faculty members and graduate students;
  • Application servers to support Schools needs, for example Document Management System (DMS);
  • Servers used to support teaching process;
  • Servers used to run classroom laboratories (LTSP) technology;
  • Servers used for various projects conducted by faculty members and students.

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